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Spring Fling Anyone?

Spring Fling Anyone?

We are, of course, talking about one of the UK’s best contemporary visual art and craft open studios events which takes place annually at venues across Dumfries and Galloway, an area renowned for the number of talented artists and craft makers who live there.

Textile Sculptures by Holly Clothier Spring Fling 2013

Textile Sculptures by Holly Clothier

Spring Fling 2013 runs from 25 – 27 May and will be the biggest ever, with 93 carefully selected professional artists, makers and designers throwing open their studio doors to welcome in the public.

Leah Black, Spring Fling Manager, said:

“The range of art, craft and design is enormous – from landscape and wildlife painting and photography to ceramics, textiles, jewellery, furniture, sculpture, willow work, video and installation. The size of the event and the quality of the work on show marks Spring Fling out as being among the very best of its kind in the UK. The region has some amazing makers, and visitors love having the chance to meet them and discuss what they do. We are also very pleased to be bringing people like Joanne B Kaar into Dumfries and Galloway to be part of Spring Fling and to encourage others to develop and make use of their own creativity.’’

Perhaps one of the the quirkiest items on show will be artist-in-residence Joanne B Kaar’s pack of string dogs. Made over the winter months using leaves and grasses collected during the Wigtown Book Festival,  Joanne will be inviting Spring Fling visitors to help with a new chapter in the tale of Newton and Stewart, The Wigtown Waggers!

“Again the idea is to encourage people to get creative, using their imaginations by telling stories,” said Joanne.

Joanne B Kaar The Wigtown Waggers Spring Fling 2013

Joanne B Kaar The Wigtown Waggers

With the introduction of the new Spring Fling Fringe, visitors can also enjoy a diverse range of Fringe events including performance, music, food and drink between 24 & 27 of May.

The Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensberry are offering an art tour of their magnificent home, Drumlanrig Castle, with highlights including works by Holbein, Rembrandt and Da Vinci.

As well as dance and music from leading classical musicians, fiddlers, harpists, blues players and singers there will be productions by the National Theatre of Scotland.

Food and drink also features strongly at the Spring Fling Fringe with everything from chocolate tasting, artisan pizza making and a cider tour. Leah Black, Spring Fling Manager, said:

“The fringe adds an entirely new dimension to Spring Fling with lots of extra fresh and fun activities on top of the chance to tour the studios of dozens of astonishingly talented visual artists, craft makers and textile designers.’’

Many of the fringe events are in the evening so there is plenty to do, see and enjoy outside studio opening hours.

There are three great eco-friendly ways to enjoy the amazing array of visual art and craft on offer at Spring Fling; guided cycle rides, walks and bus tours allowing visitors the opportunity to admire the fabulous Dumfries and Galloway countryside while travelling between artists’ studios.

Studios are open daily 10.30am to 5pm during the event and are free to visit.

Ceramics by Andrew Adair Spring Fling 2013

Ceramics by Andrew Adair

Jewellery by Natalie Vardey Spring Fling 2013

Jewellery by Natalie Vardey

Photograph by Leeming and Paterson Spring Fling 2013

Photograph by Leeming and Paterson

Painting by Jane Blair Spring Fling 2013

Painting by Jane Blair

Painting by Helen Ryman Spring Fling 2013

Painting by Helen Ryman

Painting by Stewart Lammie Spring Fling 2013

Painting by Stewart Lammie

Painting by Suzan Malcolm Spring Fling 2013

Painting by Suzan Malcolm

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